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Sat, 22 Apr 2000 11:25:25 PDT

That's what I thought. I wasnt sure how japan's military was restricted,
Just knew that it was. I know they have a Force equipped like an army, but
it is a small force from what I understand. Actually, not only are they in
violation of article 9 of the constitution we wrote for them, we help them!
I know that for decades we have been exporting tanks and aircraft to them
(Ive seen the JASDF F-15Cs) and they develop their own stuff on top of that
(like the Type 90, which looks bad ass but is a piece of junk when compared
to the M1A1 or A2 Abrams, or so say my buds in the Army :) )

>From: "Blackeagle" <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] Can a War ever be "Just"?
>Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 11:10:37 MST
>>I don't believe Japan CAN develop a nuclear alternative, can they? I
>>they can't have a full-fleged Armed Services or anything like that, all
>>can have is the Self-Defense Forces as per the surrender after
>>this correct?
>The prohibition is actually in Japan's postwar constitution rather than
>their surrender (though the constitution was written by General MacArthur).
>Not only does the constitution renounce the use of armed force to resolve
>disputes, but it says "land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war
>potential will never be maintained."
>This is why Japan has a Air/Ground/Maritime "Self Defense Force" rather
>an Army/Navy/Air Force. However, this is a semantic fig leaf at best.
>Their "Self Defense Forces" are organized and equipped like an army, navy
>and air force. Thus, since Japan has been in de facto, if not de jure
>violation of Article 9 of it's constitution for several decades, so I don't
>think it really presents all that great an obstacle to the development of
>nuclear weapons.
>This is not to say that there wouldn't be a great deal of political
>opposition to the development of nuclear weapons. Many Japanese have very
>strong feelings on this subject (with good reason). However, I think that
>as the number of those who can actually remember August 1945 dwindles, this
>becomes less of a factor. If the threat was great enough and if they did
>not feel sufficiently protected by U.S. nuclear weapons, I think Japan
>develop it's own nuclear deterrent.
>>>that the U.S. would definitely retaliate. More importatly, the Japanese
>>>government probably believes they would be protected by the U.S. nuclear
>>>deterrent, which is a very good thing. The minute Japan belives the U.S.
>>>would not act to defend them from a Chineese or Russian nuclear attack
>>>have to consider developing their own nuclear deterrent.
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