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On Sat, 22 Apr 2000 10:37:14 PDT, gundam@aeug.org wrote:

> I dont believe Japan CAN develop a nuclear alternative, can they? I
> they can't have a full-fleged Armed Services or anything like that, all
> can have is the Self-Defense Forces as per the surrender after WWII....is

> this correct?

I think so. Currently the Japanese army is practically nonexistant. ALthough
there have been reports that Japan may be or already are considering a
rebuilding of their army because of fears of unreliable U.S. protection from
China and North Korea.

However, should there be an opportunity for the Japanese to develop a
nuclear deterrent, many say that it can be done in a matter of months. Japan
has one of the most well-developed nuclear power research programs in the
world, I think.

I'm no history buff, but that's what I think is the situation there right
now. Therefore, if China were to invade Japan right now, with no U.S.
opposition, Japan would fall fairly easily.


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