Robert Ludvig (
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 10:32:13 PDT

Exactly. I totally agree. Elian would have cried anyway if there were no
guns and he was taken away by people in cute fuzzy bunny suits; he was being
taken away from people he was familiar with. As for that picture, these
guys are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS, not Rambo wannabes. That gun wasnt even
pointed at him; it appears that it may have been off to an angle away from
Elian and the fisherman, but you cant really tell angles from a photo like

>From: Char Aznable <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] OT: On Elian
>Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2000 10:22:07 -0700 (PDT)
>On Sat, 22 Apr 2000 12:18:21 EDT, wrote:
> > Are you blind?! The family was on the PHONE with the Government about 4
> > The police attacked, yes I'll use that word, at about 5:10 AM. There
> > known reason or excuse for that level of violence. Elian was SCREAMING
> > so scared. They kicked one reporter and shoved another one against a
> > HARD. Reporters have no guns! No, the family was not totally right, but
> > was no call for this amount of violence. Yeah they could have had guns,
> > someone just said he been around them family for weeks, INSIDE the
> > no sign of guns. The Feds. had semi automatics, not hand guns.
>well, if Santa Clause came in my house, I'd certainly be screaming.
>obviously it was a forced entry, how do you think the kid would react?
>INS agent: "hey kid, don't scream, we're the good guys, we just ran a
>battering ram through your front door and through the door of your room,
>there's no reason for you to be afraid. oh, and we're carrying
>semi-automatics too. by the way, here's a lady who's gonna carry you off
>a blanket, so no reason to scream, okay?"
>sorry, I can't help it, but I think what they did was necessary. they had
>point there that the relatives of the kid is dragging this thing to no end,
>and they no there's no way they can get the kid without the use of force.
>negotiations have been going on forever so I think it's about time they
>the kid into Federal custody.
> > I saw the infamous picture, the gun wasn't pointed at Elian's face, but
> > still could have severely hurt Elian if it went off by accident.
> > much chance of survival against a semi automatic at that close of a
>they are trained professionals. aside from having the finger away from the
>trigger, they put the safety on. will they risk shooting a kid that's been
>hitting the international headlines for the past months? i'm sure they're
>not that stupid. oh yeah, whoever released that picture is stupid because
>lot of interpretations will be made of that picture, regardless of the
>truth, and people will use it to start protests and other activities that
>will be pointless because of a simple misinterpretation.
> > No, I am not a whacko who is into conspiracy theories, it insults my
> > intelligence that you could even think I am. This was not the apporite
> > actions at all. I figured they would take Elian eventually. In a more
> > way, not gung ho Rambo style. Even when they saw they didn't have guns,
> > keep shouting "We'll Shoot".
>if they could that would have happened weeks ago. it seems you are not
>following the case but just following the hype. geez, I live half a globe
>away and I don't think that way about it. they did what they have to do.
>they were trying to negotiate a peaceful transfer, but the family in
>is just dragging the damn thing. the INS did what they have to do, hey,
>Elian didn't come to the US in the correct and legal manner. the guns are
>standard procedure for the safety of the agents, for all they know the
>Gonzales family could be armed to the teeth. who knows.
>i think what is criminal here is keeping the boy from his father.
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