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> Are you blind?! The family was on the PHONE with the Government about 4
> The police attacked, yes I'll use that word, at about 5:10 AM. There was
> known reason or excuse for that level of violence. Elian was SCREAMING he
> so scared. They kicked one reporter and shoved another one against a
> HARD. Reporters have no guns! No, the family was not totally right, but
> was no call for this amount of violence. Yeah they could have had guns,
> someone just said he been around them family for weeks, INSIDE the house
> no sign of guns. The Feds. had semi automatics, not hand guns.

well, if Santa Clause came in my house, I'd certainly be screaming.
obviously it was a forced entry, how do you think the kid would react?

INS agent: "hey kid, don't scream, we're the good guys, we just ran a
battering ram through your front door and through the door of your room,
there's no reason for you to be afraid. oh, and we're carrying
semi-automatics too. by the way, here's a lady who's gonna carry you off in
a blanket, so no reason to scream, okay?"

sorry, I can't help it, but I think what they did was necessary. they had a
point there that the relatives of the kid is dragging this thing to no end,
and they no there's no way they can get the kid without the use of force.
negotiations have been going on forever so I think it's about time they take
the kid into Federal custody.

> I saw the infamous picture, the gun wasn't pointed at Elian's face, but
> still could have severely hurt Elian if it went off by accident. There's
> much chance of survival against a semi automatic at that close of a

they are trained professionals. aside from having the finger away from the
trigger, they put the safety on. will they risk shooting a kid that's been
hitting the international headlines for the past months? i'm sure they're
not that stupid. oh yeah, whoever released that picture is stupid because a
lot of interpretations will be made of that picture, regardless of the
truth, and people will use it to start protests and other activities that
will be pointless because of a simple misinterpretation.

> No, I am not a whacko who is into conspiracy theories, it insults my
> intelligence that you could even think I am. This was not the apporite
> actions at all. I figured they would take Elian eventually. In a more
> way, not gung ho Rambo style. Even when they saw they didn't have guns,
> keep shouting "We'll Shoot".

if they could that would have happened weeks ago. it seems you are not
following the case but just following the hype. geez, I live half a globe
away and I don't think that way about it. they did what they have to do.
they were trying to negotiate a peaceful transfer, but the family in Florida
is just dragging the damn thing. the INS did what they have to do, hey,
Elian didn't come to the US in the correct and legal manner. the guns are
standard procedure for the safety of the agents, for all they know the
Gonzales family could be armed to the teeth. who knows.

i think what is criminal here is keeping the boy from his father.

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