Robert Ludvig (
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 08:42:26 PDT

Ha ha, I love it! First my country(america) gets put down, now someone is
putting down my ethnicity! LOL just kidding all....

Anyways, I am half-indonesian and I have to admit, my mother's people seem
to react hostily to things in their native land but you have to understand,
for years THUGS have ruled that land and crime abounds because the
authorities are too busy making themselves rich, and the people are fed up.
My mother has several stories to tell; how my grandfather was imprisoned for
several months by the japanese in 1944: how when my mother was a girl, an
Indonesian Army officer shoved an assault rifle at my grandmother's head
while they waited for a bus to the next town when she protested as the
officer commandered the bus for his own use, right in front of my mother's
eyes, things like that. Whether it be the Dutch, the Japanese, or
Indonesians themselves, that country has always been treated cruelly by the
powers that be and they respond in kind. All that is changing, but very
slowly. Sorry for the OT...

  on one hand, filipinos are not
>nearly as hostile and cruel as indonesians, but that's
>of little comfort when the bullets, bombs and arms and
>legs start flying. but i suppose this is hard to
>understand if you're not an expatriate of one kind or
>*smacks aaron with a beam tomahawk for starting this
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