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>Why? A war between China and the Philippines would last about 2 days.
>China would roll over them and then the Philippines would sue for peace.

        Not that fast.

        AFAIK, China doesn't have a real deep-sea capability. It has plenty
of men, but not enough proper boats to get them here.

        True, AFAIK, the Philippines also doesn't have a deep-sea
capability, but they are fighting in home ground there, so re-supply is
easier. And the US isn't going to sit idle and watch China steamroll their
biggest partner in the ASEAN. Not to mention all the other little countries
claiming bits of those islands too.

        Like it or not, a confrontation between China and Philipines over
those island is going to drag a whole bunch of other countries into the
scene. Maybe that's why they are still swaggering -- the advantages offered
by the Spratleys aren't worth the trouble yet.

        Oh. BTW. OT. =P

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