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<< Dude, it's a manga _ADAPTATION_, not a film book of the anime series.
 Plenty of creative license were taken to speed up the pace (you gotta
 admit, structurally, Wing's pacing on TV was slow and unorganized).
 If you think this is bad, wait until you see the manga adaptation of V Gundam
 or Gundam X. >>

I understand that. But man, when people take creative liberties, they sure as
hell take them.


I'll have to wait till the DVD is released here to hear the Japanese VA, but
his whole look just seems very drastic from he show. He looks like he's a nut.

<<It was not a smile... it was a transitional expression from being happy
(right after she handed him the invitation) to utter fear and confusion.>>

Are we talking about the same scene here? I'm talking about the one where
Relena finds him on the beach, he pops up ready to blow her head off, and she
just smiles and goes "What?"

<<Write them a letter and voice your complaint, I'd be interested to see if
they'll publish it in an upcoming issue. You might even get a job out of

I'm preparing to do such. Of course I'm going to have an even larger list of
complaints as far as their (piss poor) writing/translating job goes, since
whining to them about the art and whatnot is pointless.

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