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> > China doesn't need to nuke anybody. The have one
> of the largest mechanized
> > armies on the globe. They just need to roll in
> and take the Philippines.
> I
> > said two days because I figured, vaguely, that it
> would take one day to
> > assemble all their gear offshore. Maybe it takes
> 4 days. Logistics is a
> > bitch. But they have enough Russian bought and
> knockoff weapons to take any
> > piddling resistance that the Philippines could
> hope to put up. They can
> > take anybody in the region. The only thing that
> saves Japan and our other
> > allies is that they're our allies.
> >
> Your American ego while quaint is a little out of
> date with the political
> times. And your knowledge of military strategy again
> seems limited to a
> gaming environment. What exactly do you think the
> Philippines would be doing
> while they assembled off shore. Waiting.....?

uh...well...i hate to say this about the country i
grew up and currently live in. but the answer to
that, would be yes. the philippine armed forces might
actually be just sitting around and waiting. waiting
for help from american sempai. ugh.

that the philippines is an archipelago presents a
problem to the defenders as well. we have no unity to
put our backs against invaders, and all the while
we'll be wondering what our b-movie-actor prez is
going to do. his backstreet swaggering attitude
certainly won't help. we can't even resolve internal
problems on our own, heaven help us if we actually go
to war against another country. so...yes, the war
might well be over in one day.

HOWEVER, whether or not it's one or two days - alfred
missed my point. the thought of china and philippines
going to war is sickening to me, as a fil-chi, because
the choice between ethnic nationality and citizenship
is one cruel dilemma. on one hand, filipinos are not
nearly as hostile and cruel as indonesians, but that's
of little comfort when the bullets, bombs and arms and
legs start flying. but i suppose this is hard to
understand if you're not an expatriate of one kind or


*smacks aaron with a beam tomahawk for starting this


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