Robert Ludvig (
Sat, 22 Apr 2000 08:22:16 PDT

Everyone loooooves to rip on Americans.....but when they get in trouble, who
do they call?
Anyways, I dont know about gaming environments, but if China wanted the
Phillipines and committed to it, rather than fighting half assed it, they
could have it. It would take several months I think, thanks to the logistics
of landing forces on an island nation and the terrain of the Phillipines
(all this is assuming that the Phillipines wouldn't cave when the first Red
hit the shore, that is)

>Your American ego while quaint is a little out of date with the political
>times. And your knowledge of military strategy again seems limited to a
>gaming environment. What exactly do you think the Philippines would be
>while they assembled off shore. Waiting.....?
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