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> That was not a war. A war is "Go in there and kill everybody in a uniform
> that is not yours." A NATO peacekeeping force is there to get shot at and
> hopefully irritate the other side enough so that they negotiate/retreat.
> Two very different things. A NATO force is worthless.

Obviously not speaking from personal military experience but instead from AP
releases. Just so you know AP does not really stand for Associated Press it
stands for Advanced Propaganda. A NATO peacekeeping force is very much an
army and "acceptable casualties" on both sides can mean horrible things.
Those on this list who have been active participants in the military during
any of the numerous "peacekeeping" actions in the last few decades can attest
to the fact that what is reported even through "live " news pictures and what
is happening is not the same. But perhaps to acquire a slightly less
table-gaming, action movie approach to what war is you might try your local
library and read some actual military history.

I have tried to stay out of this thread while reading all the posts (unusual
for me on any thread here) but finally had to put in my two cents worth. I
actually am one of those hahaha very funny pacifists who buys free range eggs
and avoids meat because of the inhumane way we treat our livestock, who also
happened to serve her country well enough to advance quickly and acquire some
ribbons until cancer took her out of the game a few years prior to retiring.

My two cents worth -- wars are not inevitable. Humanity is more than a pack
of wild dogs. In that part of history long ignored in academia there are
examples of highly functional civilizations that were eradicated by the
progress of western civilization because they didn't practice tree-peeing
(with weapons). But don't underestimate the little guys just because there
little and quiet.

As for armed pacifists, the irony is as long as we continue to over breed and
tree-pee I and others like me will of necessity continue to defend our right
to dream of a time when humanity progresses past the terrible two's of "MINE"
and "NO" to kindergarten and sharing.

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