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> garrick lee wrote:
> > > Why? A war between China and the Philippines would
> > > last about 2 days.
> >
> > i give it 1 day.
> Hahahaha it took the combined might of the whole NATO many months and
> almost all their bombs to get Melosovic-devil-incarnate-anti-christ to

That was not a war. A war is "Go in there and kill everybody in a uniform
that is not yours." A NATO peacekeeping force is there to get shot at and
hopefully irritate the other side enough so that they negotiate/retreat.
Two very different things. A NATO force is worthless. An army made up of
the same individuals that comprised the NATO peacekeeping force would be
devastating. German and American armor? Are you kidding? The whole area
would have been wiped out in 2 weeks. The Brits and the Americans have the
best trained special forces in the world, along with Russia, although I'd
love to see what the South African Recee teams could do.

> make a small retreat. Even if the US/Jap/Russia/OZ don't get in the way,
> even if China nuke Manilla (highly doubtful they can aim that good), it
> just won't happen. It takes a lot to invade a bunch of islands in the
> middle of a big sea, and China just doesn't have it.

China doesn't need to nuke anybody. The have one of the largest mechanized
armies on the globe. They just need to roll in and take the Phillipines. I
said two days because I figured, vaguely, that it would take one day to
assemble all their gear off-shore. Maybe it takes 4 days. Logistics is a
bitch. But they have enough Russian bought and knockoff weapons to take any
piddling resistance that the Phillipines could hope to put up. They can
take anybody in the region. The only thing that saves Japan and our other
allies is that they're our allies.


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