Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 21 Apr 2000 21:55:11 -0700

> I made the very unfortunate mistake of picking up the Gundam Wing
>comic today (translated by none other then Mixx.....eck). What follows is a
>list of my complaints.

Dude, it's a manga _ADAPTATION_, not a film book of the anime series.
Plenty of creative license were taken to speed up the pace (you gotta
admit, structurally, Wing's pacing on TV was slow and unorganized).
If you think this is bad, wait until you see the manga adaptation of V Gundam
or Gundam X.

>---Heero looks like he's psychotically happy all the time.

I much preferred it this way - keep in mind the English VA did not exactly
interpret Heero the same way as the Japanese VA did.

>---Who's stupid idea was it for all the Gundam pilots to call their Gundam's
>"their rides".
>---Why do they say on page 19 "Fight Back with Leo"
>---Why does Relena look happy when Heero points a friggan gun at her? I mean
>he tells her he's going to kill her and she just smiles and goes "What?".

It was not a smile... it was a transitional expression from being happy
(right after she handed him the invitation) to utter fear and confusion.

>---Why do they call it the Allied Earth Forces instead of the United Earth
>Sphere Alliance?

Because the translator didn't watch the TV series?

>---Did they really have to change Duo's and Heero's meeting?

There are more drastic changes ahead...

> Basically the comic sucks. The art is average, the pacing and
>direction horrible, the translation (besides being totally different from the
>show in many respects) blows, and the whole retouching job (sound effects
>etc) is downright amateurish. Only if Viz had translated this title we would
>atleast have decent dialogue.

Write them a letter and voice your complaint, I'd be interested to see if
they'll publish it in an upcoming issue. You might even get a job out of


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