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> There no such thing as a pointless war. Wars are fought for reasons the
> logical to those that use those reasoms to justify fighting a war. Wars are
> never good. Both sides in a conflick loose, it's just that one side seems
> loose move. War be promote industry and technology. The greatest
> in technology and sociology have occurred during times of conflict.

Yes, there are no pointless wars or battles but, there are senseless wars or
battles. There are all types of war. Starting a war just to take over the
World would be a senseless war.

> Most wars are fought over resources (oil, food, water, homeland) or points
> of view (the US's crusade against communisun, the religous fightimg in the
> middle east, Cathalic/Prtistant fighting in Ireland), or from historical
 wrongs (The former Yugoslavia, Ethiopia). And some wars are fought for power
> most wars in Europe, South America, Indonesia). Also, wars are fought for
> reason that motovates enough people to support it, such as the world wars,
> the fall of the USSR, Alexander the reat, Nepolean.

Yes, I know all this. There have been wars that involve senseless slaughter,
though as well.

> It is natural to fight for what one desires. It is human nature to devise a
> bigger rock so one can get what they want when they want. That bigger rock
> can be weapons, money, sex appeal, connections ... power. It is human
> to aquire enough power to survive in security. If this means living under
> threat of nuclear destruction, living in a mansion earning more money than
> you can spend, or living on the street trying to get from day to day, as
> as one feels safer where they are than where they could be, then wars will
> never be fought.

Fighting/killing people for sex appeal, money or power are senseless reasons
for starting a war. Fighting to free your country/Nation from a cruel
dictator and to earn freedom is an example of a non senseless war.

> But it is also human nature to be ambitious, to dominate ones area, to own
> territory that feels safe. So ... war will always occur, as long as
> exists.

Yes, I know this as well. My idea of a Pacifist Nation is for it to offer
protection for people who cannot fight for themselves and for people who are
tired of fighting. You don't have to accept something as inevitable. As long
as people continue to accept that there will always be wars, there WILL
always be wars. I am not meaning to sound naive, its just that if you carry
hope that someday wars will end, it is possible that they will, just not very

It may take generations or eons, but humanity should be strong enough to
break free of the cycle of wars, eventually.


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