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> Nightingale wrote:
>> Tet, do you remember what Norris Packard (08th MS
>> Team) said to Aina about 'The most importany thing
>> in one's life is what he has achieved' in Japanese?
>> that's a classic line, too.
> Was this in episode 10? Something is wrong with my
> episode 10 part of the VCD and I can't watch it
> anymore : (

Yes, he said this from episode 10, just before he and
his Gouf Custom ventured out to fight the 08th MS
team. The same quote is also repainted on vol. 3 of
magazine (pg.42), the first article of 'Man of Gundam'
series (yay!)

BTW, I made a mistake regarding Char's famous quote
'Mitometaku nai mono dana...' He didn't said that in
episode 3 of 0079 TV series. Instead, he actually said
that near the end of episode 1, after his Musai fired
a couple of missiles towards Side 7 so Char and his
man will sneak in to gather info on White Base and
Gundam in episode 2.

When I compare the same quotes being spoken in the
original TV series and movie trilogy, it seems that
the voice acting in TV series delivers an air of
anthority and originality; the same quotes I heard on
the movies (which all the voice acting were redone)
sounds lazy or too fast. What do you think?


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