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> > Here are some more.... (quotes from Gundam saga)
> A big thanks, Tet! :)

You're welcome : )

> >
> > 'Gundam, Amuro, Ikimaaasu!' and 'Amuro, Gundam,
> > Ikimaasu!'
> > Undoubtedly Amuro's most famous line (but in a
> > humourous way) - Gundam,
> > Amuro, I'm going!
> This is a standard line for many other pilots when
> they sally out from the carrier, but yes, Amuro's one
> is the most famous.

Well, some pilots do use the same words but it's the way Amuro says it
which makes it unique and funny. Specifically the lengthened
Ikimaaaaasu! Which makes it sound like a child (which he is)going out to
play instead of going to war. Perhaps a more apt translation would be
'Here I go!'

Compare Camille's line: 'Z Gundam, Camille, Ikimasu'
This 'Ikimasu' is a serious one. Another serious one used by other
characters is 'Demasu'

Quattro's 'Deru' conveys his authority and personality in that what the
others use, is ineffect asking for permission to leave the ship, whereas
Quattro is simply leaving of his own accord.

> >
> > ''Quattro Bajeena, Hyakushiki, deru'
> > Char's cool equivalent of Amuro's 'Ikimaaasu' line
> > From Z Gundam. -
> > 'Quattro Bajeena, Type 100, going out'
> So, besides 'Ikimasu', 'deru', and 'hya-shin' (sic),
> what are other words for 'sally out'?

It's 'hasshin', and I think that's pretty much it in the Gundam
universe. See 'Demasu' above. Also 'Deru' is unique to Quattro if I

> > 'Saboten ga....hana o tsuketa...'
> > Quattro says the strangest things after getting
> > punched by Camille... -
> > The cactus has....flowered. Always a good way to
> > change the subject in a
> > conversation... : )
> I saw an alternate Chinese translation of the above
> stating: 'So, this is 'youth'?'. Is that a valid
> translation?

The 'youth' line was from the time Camille punched Quattro because he
wouldn't admit to being Char. The cactus one is from the time Camille
punched Quattro in Recoa's room for being so cold and insensitive.

> Tet, do you remember what Norris Packard (08th MS
> Team) said to Aina about 'The most importany thing in
> one's life is what he has achieved' in Japanese?
> that's a classic line, too.

Was this in episode 10? Something is wrong with my episode 10 part of
the VCD and I can't watch it anymore : (

There doesn't seem to be too many dedicated 08th MS sites around but I
will see if I can find the quote.


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