Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 21 Apr 2000 15:10:41 -0700

>>>If you thought that was bad, look at this one:
>>>No comment there, but I wish my pockets were that deep (of course, I'd
>>>the $$ more wisely!!). :) Soon you'll have to be Bill Gates just to be
>>>to afford to collect Gundam kits! Heheh....
>>That guy would be lucky if he even get a penny from the bidder. Some
>>with zero or low feedbacks tend to bid like crazy without realizing that
>>they have to pay... they just bid to win.
>Yeah, if you look at the two (ridiculously) high bidders, you'll see that on
>has negative feedback, and the other was a new account, probably opened just
>to bid on this. Anyway, it won't keep me from laughing about it. ;-)
>Peter Savin

I wonder where people take off from eBay to - a lot of old timers are no
longer around, and the place is now being ran over by newbie fanboy
flake bidders.


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