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Fri, 21 Apr 2000 21:45:50 GMT

Also was there a
>HJ/DH issue for redoing HGUC Gog?

Actually there was on the april 2000 issue of Hobby Japan. The Hygog
Prototype Ive mentioned is basically a Gog with big sharp shoulders, long
arms (and I mean LONG with the fingers touching almost the sole/toe part),
small head (like the one in hygog), legs much wider apart and a smaller
pelvis area compared to the sumo loin cloth size in the HGUC kit. It was
featured in the May 98 issue Ora-Zaku contest. And did I mention they had a
killer looking 1/100 Gyan?? I'm not sure if it was built by the great Max
Watanabe, since I don't read japanese. But the words MAX was there, so I
assume he built it.
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    there is this article on Jaf-Con and the models were featured there.
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