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Kev K wrote:
> Ok this is a review for those who are still wondering how good/bad the
> HGUC Gog is. First, Gog is not a looker compared to its cousin the z'gock.

Just got mine yesterday, have been studying the plans and parts...

> color. The monoeye section is still the same as the others HGUC
> counterparts---crap.

I wouldn't say Gog is "the same" as other HGUC's. I think Gogg is
below HGUC average... The good news is it's easy to install an LED (if
you find a large diameter LED). I am even thinking of making LED monoeye
movable. A first for me so not sure how hard it will be.

> Arms are way too short, which doesn't give the Gog a

The biggest problem of this Gogg. Do you have any suggestion that can
lengthen the arms and maintain the possability?

> to tilt the leg/foot section foward it raises the back heel and you can see
> a big hole at the back ot the leg/heel section. To remedy this problem all

Thanks for the tip.

> Proportions wise, the Gog stays true to its television design. I do
> however prefer the more menacing hygog prototype version featured in the

Well Hygog is a very different design. Not sure about the prototype you
talking about there. I think the MSIA Gog has excellent proportions and
was very very disappointed the model has worse proportions than a toy. I
am collecting pictures of the MSIA and is planning my first major
modification in its image: redo the shoulder armor and lengthen the arms.
I think these 2 changes will fix it up pretty good. But I still not very
sure how to do either.

BTW, has anyone try to thermo-bend the Tamiya pla-plate? Also was there a
HJ/DH issue for redoing HGUC Gog?

> really think Bandai deliberately made these HGUC kits to be
> mediocre/semi-complete just so they can satisfy the old school modelers who
> loves to modify.

Let's see... Guncannon: thumb's up, Gyan: marginally up, Zaku III:
marginally up, Type 100: up, Quebeley: up, Guntank: marginally up, Zugock:
up?, Gogg: down. I think it's been pretty good.

> So if you like the 0079 designs, then this guy is for you. Other wise don't
> bother.

Agreed, looking at this guy gave me the urge to get another Hygog and do
some serious mod on it.

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