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Fri, 21 Apr 2000 20:36:03 GMT

     Ok this is a review for those who are still wondering how good/bad the
HGUC Gog is. First, Gog is not a looker compared to its cousin the z'gock.
It has a very stubby and clumsy look to it. And talk about that caramel
color. The monoeye section is still the same as the others HGUC
counterparts---crap. Arms are way too short, which doesn't give the Gog a
menacing look that it deserves. The fingers however are way cool. I just
wished the hygog had this nice nifty feature. All the pics posted in the net
      shows no indication that the fingers can move independently.
      Poseability is average. I do have to point out that the foot section
has some problems. The foot is only connected through one polycap at the top
of the leg and a peg at the front of the toe. What happens is if you want
to tilt the leg/foot section foward it raises the back heel and you can see
a big hole at the back ot the leg/heel section. To remedy this problem all
you have to do is make a double sided ball unit and connect in the leg and
foot polycaps. That way it gives the freedom for the foot section to move
back in to cover the hole as it tilts foward.
      Proportions wise, the Gog stays true to its television design. I do
however prefer the more menacing hygog prototype version featured in the
Hobby Japan ORA-ZAKU contest. All in all, Gog is a very typical HGUC kit
that needs some heavy conversions, Actually now to come think of it, I
really think Bandai deliberately made these HGUC kits to be
mediocre/semi-complete just so they can satisfy the old school modelers who
loves to modify.
So if you like the 0079 designs, then this guy is for you. Other wise don't
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