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Fri, 21 Apr 2000 09:08:26 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks to Tet's hints, I've bought 2 MS figurines from
Banpresto's "Real Sound Figure Collection" toy series
- Zaku II (green) and Gouf (blue):

These figurines have soft-vinyl exterior as opposed to
the hard plastic ones from "Gundam Sound Hanko
MS figurines, but amazingly both series has very
similar size so potential SD diorama w/ 2 different
toy series is possible :)

To generate sounds from RSFC MS figures is a lot
this time. Take a look at its manual:

All user have to do is to pull out the small piece
of plastic strip at the bottom of its feet, and
gently press the figure downwards. Each MS has its own
weapon sound as featured in Gundam 0079 animations:

RX-78 Gundam - beam rifle shot
Zaku II (green) - single machine gun shot x 3
Char's Zaku (red) - single machine gun shot x 3
Gouf (blue) - 'heat rod' attack (the sound of
electricity pumping to the target)

Notice the batteries (dc 1.5V x 3) are replaceable,
and as before, the plastic strip can be put back on
to insulate the circuit when not in use.

Tet <> wrote earlier:

> Also regarding the aforementioned Gundam Real Sound
> Figure Collection, there may possibly be a really
> cool bonus. If you looked at the above pics of
> these figures you may have been wondering what sound

> effect the Gouf makes... my guess from the text
> relating to these products is that it says the
> classic Ranba Ral line 'Zaku to wa chigau no da
yo'!! > : )

So, my Gouf didn't produce Ranba's quote as stated on
the ZDNet's achive :( but, fear not, I notice the
RSFC Gouf as shown on ZDNet's page has something
different from the RSFC Gouf I have (the common ones
available for price or for sale):

Can you spot the difference? Now, if a RSFC Gouf which
generates Ranba Ral's quote does exist, I assume this
should be a special version (a real cool bonus, as you

Wish me luck, and give me a few days to search for
the real price. I really want to hear what the 'Blue
Giant' has to say. ;)


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