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There have been a few redesigns of the Ziong. One from quite a long
time ago was done I believe by B-Club in 1/220 (I am not sure of the
manufacturer, as I built the kit and long ago lost the box).The
B-Club 1/220 had a more flared and stylized look, somewhat
reminiscent of the old Flash Gordon/Gernsback pulp '50s style of ship
design. There was also a very chunky Ziong ver. Ka (Katoki), that I
think was in 1/220, and had to be one of the ugliest redesigns I have
ever seen in my life. If you go to some of the recast sites out
there, they will often have pictures of older kits you don't get a
chance to see normally.

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> With all the redesigns that have been done over the years, I have
> seen just about every Mobile Suit and Mobile Armor redesigned into
> something that looks cool.
> However, I have never seen the ZIONG redone? Does anyone know where
> I can see a redesign?
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