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Rodrick Su wrote:

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> > > With all the redesigns that have been done over the years, I
> > have seen just about every Mobile Suit and Mobile Armor
> > redesigned into something that looks cool.
> > > However, I have never seen the ZIONG redone? Does anyone know
> > where I can see a redesign?
> > I know there are some garage kits out that redesigned the Ziong.
> > Sorry, I can't remember specific URL's, but a search for resin
> > Ziong's may get you some hits.
> Here is a drawing picture of the Perfect Zeong, whose only benifit over
> Zeong would be it's ability to operate under gravity environment.

In an issue of Hobby Japan that I have there's these features about
revisions of MAs from the one year war...
one of them is the Ziong. It's been revised to somewhat a metallic

it looks like it could be shown at the Star wars episode one...
it looks like one of those droids.

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