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>'Saboten ga....hana o tsuketa...'
>Quattro says the strangest things after getting punched by Camille... -
>The cactus has....flowered. Always a good way to change the subject in a
>conversation... : )

It makes more sense if you've watched the scenes in Reccoa's
quarters. It's a reference to the tiny cactus plant that is her sole
personal effect.

>'Do-shite...Do-shite minna de ikite ikenainda!'
>From ZZ Gundam - Why...why can't we all live together!

I'd translate that as "Can't we all just get along?" in order to play off
the Rodney King/1992 Los Angeles race riot. (Jack Nicholson used it in a
similar fashion as the President of the United States in MARS ATTACKS)


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