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> You may be interested to know that I have found a
> site that maintains archives of Banpresto
> prize product releases back to May 1999.

Wow! Thanks very much, Tet!! :)

> Also regarding the aforementioned Gundam Real Sound
> Figure Collection, there may possibly be a really
> cool bonus. If you looked at the above pics of
> figures you may have been wondering what sound
> the Gouf makes....

Oh no, see how the description tease all potential
customers (myself included): They say Gundam and
Zaku/Char's Zaku will make the corresponding weapon
sounds (beam rifle and Zaku machine gun,
respectively), so that means, for Ranba Ral's Gouf,
it'll sound...

> Nightingale, perhaps you will be able to confirm it
> but my guess from the text relating to these
> is that it says the classic Ranba Ral line 'Zaku
> to wa chigau no da yo' !! : )

This collection has been available in Hong Kong for
quite a while and they are at about the same price as
Gundam Hanko Bazooka. Thanks for your tips, I'll pick
up Ranba's Gouf for sure (wanna hear what's his famous
quote :) and maybe a green Zaku (very cute) for the
vintage machine gun sound.

Thanks again, Tet!!


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