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Nightingale wrote:

> Hi Tet,
> I've finally bought the 'Gundam Sound Hanko Bazooka'
> stamp/toy set today:
> I bought both the RX-78 Gundam and Char's Zaku to find
> out if they actually feature real voice actors. Here's
> what I've found out:
> You mentioned earlier that the voice will activate
> when user loads the stamp part (available separately)
> into the bazooka. (the stamp itself is compatible with
> Shachihata X Stamper Name 9):
> Fortunately, I find out that its voice will activate
> without loading any stamp. Take a look at its manual:
> Picture 1 shows the unit will be operational after you
> pull off that small piece of plastic insulator at the
> bottom.
> Picture 2 shows how to load the stamp into the
> bazooka.
> (a 'bazooka cap' is included to cover the stamp when
> not in use)
> Picture 3 shows how to make the unit sounds: to stamp,
> you must pull off the cap, and gently press the stamp
> to the paper/surface intended to be stamped. The voice
> will activate while the stamp is pressed.
> The trick is on the bazooka's barrel. It's actually
> extendable when pushed backwards, and the unit will
> voice out the pre-recorded chant/sentence whenever I
> push the barrel. So this solves the 'X Stamper
> compatible' issue for users outside Japan :)
> As you've mentioned last time, RX-78 will voice out
> the chant 'Ochiro! Ochiro! Ochiro!' ('Go Down! Go
> Down! Go Down!') and Char's Zaku will say 'Mitometaku
> nai mono dana...' ('I do not want to accept it...').
> While I can't make out whether Gundam voice is by Toru
> Furuya (Amuro's voice actor), I am 99% for certain
> that the Zaku's voice is definitely by Char's voice
> actor Shuichi Ikeda, with the sentence being taken
> from the early episode of Gundam 0079 TV series.
> For HK$60.00 (or US$7.70) apiece, these 2 little guys
> are fun and dandy for anyone's office table. I hope
> Banpresto or Bandai will put out more of these fun
> product soon. Examples that comes to my mind: GP-01
> vs. GP-02 ('Solomon, I am back!'), Gundam vs. Zeong,
> Zeta Gundam vs The O, nu-Gundam vs Sazabi, etc..
> And Tet, what does the word 'hanko' from the product
> title 'Sound Hanko Bazooka' mean? Thanks!

Hanko is the Japanese word for the stamp (stamping device only).

I saw something in the manual that may make you frown, that is if you haven't already
figured it out. The battery cannot be replaced! : ( But I guess it will last a long time,
and maybe if you were so inclined, you could find a way to open it up and replace it
anyway... : ) But I do find it a little disconcerting when the manual says...when the
battery runs out you can just use it as a stamp holder!

I'm sure they will bring out similar products in the future. In case you didn't know,
there is another line of Banpresto Gundam related 'sound' toys that feature the sound of
weapons. They could easily change the voices if they wanted to.

Pic of the four MS in the series (original packaging)

Banpresto promo pic

These are also crane game prizes in Japan.


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