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> > >Not really. Pacifism is the irony. Non-violent meat eaters, you've
> >to be
> > >kidding.
> >The most dangerous, vicious and ruthless individual on the face of the
> >Earth is the militant pacifist, who wants peace at any price and is
> >prepared to kill anyone and everyone who gets in the way.
> >-Z-
>That reminds me of the ancient motto of Pax Romana -- Roman Peace. Simply
>put, it's peace or else.....or else we'll conquer you. something also
>practiced in more subtle ways by all leading nations.

Generally you only see a Pax when there is one dominant nation with enough
power to dictate the terms of the Pax to others. The Pax Romana and Pax
Britannia took place at times when there was really no one capable of
challenging Roman or British power. When there are two or more great power
nations which are more or less equally matched, you generally end up either
fighting a war or playing ballence of power games. Right now, the US
probably has the military and economic power to impose a worldwide Pax, but
not the willingness to do so (which could be good or bad depending on your
point of view).

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