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>Why restrict that reasoning to just wars, though? Just because people die?
>What about fights? What about corporate takeovers or competing for a job?
>What about sports? If someone wins that means someone else loses. And they
>feel bad/get depressed/hate themselves/hate you/give up/etc. Is all
>competition/fighting useless? Not really. We are not wired to instinctively
>cooperate and put aside ego and selfishness for the greater good or even the
>benefit of our immediate neighbors. People we care about, sure. But the
>can fend for themselves. That is a competitive mentality. The strong
>survive. The whole becomes stronger for it. If, by some miracle, the
>socialistic super-cooperative mentality could win over then you'd have a
>new style of human that avoids fights and loves helping others. Don't hold
>your breath.

Unfortunately, that is the truth of such behvior nature we
need to have competition. the supercollective style mentality is a nice
and great idea, but that assumes that everyone thinks that their own
genetic heritage is not important, only the survival of the species....and
since human beings are hard-wired to ensure the survival of their own
genetic strains, then it is impossible to technically have a
supercollective. Competition is the way to go.

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