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> Actually I've done some thinking along these lines.
> For some time now I've had a story idea bouncing
> around in the back of my head about a group of
> brilliant pacifist scientists who have built their
> own utopian colony. It would be geographically
> distant from most of the rest of the human race (if
> I set this in the Gundam universe one of Jupiter's
> trojan points would be a good candidate). However,
> all the major factions want to conquer this group
> of scientists in order to acquire their advanced
> technology. To combat this, some of the less
> ardently pacifistic scientists hire a group of
> mercenaries to defend their colony. However, in
> order to keep the mercs from "contaminating" the
> scientist's idealistic society, they are forced to
> live apart, defenders of the colony, but never truly
> part of it (so they're stuck out in the back of
> beyond with no company except each other fighting
> battles a bunch of ungrateful pacifists).
> What do you think?

Actually, this parallels a story arc I'm was working a while ago. I had the pacifist scientist colony as an all male, cloned, balanced community, where every member had a purpose, and was respected and needed by all other members. Adault members were scientists and teachers in their prefered area of study, will younger clomes filled the roles of students, care gives, servants, and assistants. As natural death occured, there was always a clone ready to take on its predessor's project, always with the eye on furthering knowledge.

Then along came a passing battle group engaged with raiders, and a Mobile Suit chases another suit into the colony, where disorder and destruction ensues. Both suits are torn appart by their melee, the colony in ruins around them. Then, suddenly, one of the pilots is slain as the other suit thrusts a structural beam through its cockpit. The peaceful scientists looked on in horror. Both suits slide to a rest as if all life was drained from them. As the dust finally began to settle, the first scientists to reach the colossal combatants found a young women at the controls of the surviving suit. She had passed out from blood lose, but still alive.

With the loss of many good people, and the set backs in many projects caused by this sudden, savage event, the leaders of the colony decide that they too need an armed force to protect their way of life. But who should be chosen? Who could be relied upon to fight as a savage, yet still uphold the ideals that founded their once peaceful home? Who could kill for their people, yet remain a peaceful part of their utopian community?

The pilot, of course! With our advanced sociaty, eduction, and training, clones of this warrior will strive to protect our home as we strive to further knowledge!

Yes, the Pilot!

So it was decided that a new class of clone would fill the ranks of the peaceful scientists, a hardened warrior, a protector, a killer ... a woman.


PS-If I ever get this finished, it will appear in an up coming issue of Exogear fanzine, at

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