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> Here are some more.... (quotes from Gundam saga)

A big thanks, Tet! :)

> 'Gundam, Amuro, Ikimaaasu!' and 'Amuro, Gundam,
> Ikimaasu!'
> Undoubtedly Amuro's most famous line (but in a
> humourous way) - Gundam,
> Amuro, I'm going!

This is a standard line for many other pilots when
they sally out from the carrier, but yes, Amuro's one
is the most famous.

> 'Char me!'
> From the original series. It seems like Amuro says
> it everytime Char
> shows up : ) - Damn Char! / That Char!

and 'Haman me!' by Bright Noah in Gundam ZZ, after a
space colony is falling toward Dublin, Ireland.

> 'Eiiiiii..... renpo- no mobiru su-tsu(mobile suit)
> wa bakemono ka?'
> Char's first battle with Gundam - Is the Federation
> mobile suit a
> monster?
> Incidentally 'Eiiiii' is Char's word of
> anger/annoyance in a MS cockpit.

Which he eiiiii-ed quite a lot in Z Gundam, when his
Type 100 was frequently outmatched by Titans' MS/MAs

And, forgive me to say one more time, Char also
screamed 'Ochiro... Ochirooooo!' when he returned fire
at Rosamia Badame's MS Gaplant.

> 'Lalah, watashi o michibi ite kure'
> This line was used in the TV series and the Movies
> but under totally different situations and with
> different meaning -
> (TV) Lalah(Still
> alive), guide me[to the enemy]. (Movies)
> Lalah(Dead), show me the way.

This is a classic one. Really ring ring a bell to me.

> ''Quattro Bajeena, Hyakushiki, deru'
> Char's cool equivalent of Amuro's 'Ikimaaasu' line
> From Z Gundam. -
> 'Quattro Bajeena, Type 100, going out'

So, besides 'Ikimasu', 'deru', and 'hya-shin' (sic),
what are other words for 'sally out'?

> 'Saboten ga....hana o tsuketa...'
> Quattro says the strangest things after getting
> punched by Camille... -
> The cactus has....flowered. Always a good way to
> change the subject in a
> conversation... : )

I saw an alternate Chinese translation of the above
stating: 'So, this is 'youth'?'. Is that a valid

> 'Zeon Koukoku ni eikou areeeeee!
> From the original series, Garma's last words -
> Glory to the Zeon Dukedom!

This is_THE_classic Gundam quote for me :)

> 'Akai suisei mo chi ni ochita na'
> Upon hearing that Char has 'fallen' to Earth. (In
> more ways than one) -
> Even the red comet has fallen to earth.

Jamitov Heimann said the same thing (or close to this)
during the confrontation when he, Char, Camille and
Four were inside the Kilimanjaro base.

Tet, do you remember what Norris Packard (08th MS
Team) said to Aina about 'The most importany thing in
one's life is what he has achieved' in Japanese?
that's a classic line, too.


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