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> > The most dangerous, vicious and ruthless individual on the face of the
> > Earth is the militant pacifist, who wants peace at any price and is
> > prepared to kill anyone and everyone who gets in the way.
>Yep. I wasn't intending to mean something like that though. I meant a
>pacifist Nation that can defend itself from possible attacks, not one that
>gets peace at any cost. These ideas would make for a great Gundam show, if
>done right.
>How could a pacifist Nation exist, without defending itself? Sure, a
>Nation would be great, until it gets in the way of a violent nation.
>I mean, couldn't another Nation take advantage of a Pacifist Nation, if
>Pacifist Nation, is in the way of this other Nations goals? A non militant
>Pacifist Nation would be easy picking's if some wanted to take them.
>Is this Pacifist Nation just supposed to roll over and die when its in
>of being wiped out?
>See what I am trying to say? There's never a simple answer to any thing and
>Gundam shows this and that's why I like Gundam so much.

Actually I've done some thinking along these lines. For some time now I've
had a story idea bouncing around in the back of my head about a group of
brilliant pacifist scientists who have built their own utopian colony. It
would be geographically distant from most of the rest of the human race (if
I set this in the Gundam universe one of Jupiter's trojan points would be a
good candidate). However, all the major factions want to conquer this group
of scientists in order to acquire their advanced technology. To combat
this, some of the less ardently pacifistic scientists hire a group of
mercenaries to defend their colony. However, in order to keep the mercs
from "contaminating" the scientist's idealistic society, they are forced to
live apart, defenders of the colony, but never truly part of it (so they're
stuck out in the back of beyond with no company except each other fighting
battles a bunch of ungrateful pacifists).

What do you think?


Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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