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> All wars are stupid. Nobody "wins" , and everyone "loses". Why? Think of how
> many people have no more families, relatives, etc. War is hell.

Why restrict that reasoning to just wars, though? Just because people die?
What about fights? What about corporate takeovers or competing for a job?
What about sports? If someone wins that means someone else loses. And they
feel bad/get depressed/hate themselves/hate you/give up/etc. Is all
competition/fighting useless? Not really. We are not wired to instinctively
cooperate and put aside ego and selfishness for the greater good or even the
benefit of our immediate neighbors. People we care about, sure. But the rest
can fend for themselves. That is a competitive mentality. The strong
survive. The whole becomes stronger for it. If, by some miracle, the
socialistic super-cooperative mentality could win over then you'd have a whole
new style of human that avoids fights and loves helping others. Don't hold
your breath.


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