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> > Not just a defense force, but one hell of a mean fucking army to counter the
> > idea that the nation is full/run by a bunch of gutless people who will
> back
> > down if the war gets too hot.
> Excatly. That's the irony, isn't it?

Not really. Pacifism is the irony. Non-violent meat eaters, you've got to be

> > I don't think that approach would work. The USSR didn't believe in money (
> > or at least capitalism). So what, they needed to interact with many many
> nations
> > that *did*. So they're forced to use the ruble and deal with the rest of
> the
> > world on the rest of the world's terms.
> I didn't mean to not have money, you have to have an economy that uses money
> in order to function with the rest of the war.

Read it again. It was an example of a group with a philosophy that does not work
outside with other groups.

> Its not that I don't want to deal with wars, its pointless wars that are
> stupid.

That's not limited to wars. Look at Iraq. That was pointless, no way, NO WAY
could they take us alone, much less with the Brits and France on our side, too.
But we had to go through with it. We certainly got to test a great many pieces
of equipment and scenarios and logistical problems in a desert theater though,
huh? Next big desert war we have, there won't be any stupid rookie mistakes,
right? Not so pointless after all. The Falklands was pointless. Yet it showed
that jump-jet carriers cannot defend a fleet. Sort of killed that idea with our
navy, you see? Better that someone else finds out the hard way.


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