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> 1. A nation wants to live in Peace (Sank Kingdom for example. the pacifist
> colonies in UC for another), but the powerful, majority ruler won't leave
> them alone and doesn't like pacifism. It seems in order for a pacifist Nation
> to exist and not be run over, it has to have a military force to defend it,
> so that it can continue to exist. See the irony? A pacifist nation must use
> violence in order to protect itself from violence.

Depends on your perspective. Some people feel that peace is just a lull between
wars, like they're inevitable. I tend to agree. You use all the tools at your
disposal to try to win - an argument, a game, a fight. Either you're better or
you're willing to go further to win. War has proven to be an effective tool.
For the winners.

> I like the idea of a pacifist Nation, but for it to survive, it has to have
> a defense force to keep the Nation from being run over and destroyed. Heero
> and Noin said something similar to this to Relena.

Not just a defense force, but one hell of a mean fucking army to counter the
idea that the nation is full/run by a bunch of gutless people who will back down
if the war gets too hot.

> There will always be Wars:
> I have come to the conclusion, that as long as there are violent people,
> there will always be war and fighting as long as humans exist. I think that
> there should be a pacifist Nation for people who do not want to fight and for
> people who are tired of fighting. Since a Pacifist Nation needs a defense
> force, people who are tired of fighting for the wrong reasons, can fight in
> this Nations defense force and people who feel that they need to fight, can
> fight to protect this Nation.
> Aaron

I don't think that approach would work. The USSR didn't believe in money (or at
least capitalism). So what, they needed to interact with many many nations that
*did*. So they're forced to use the ruble and deal with the rest of the world
on the rest of the world's terms. You may like the idea of not having to deal
with wars but if another country wants to start one with you, you're screwed.


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