Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:53:46 EDT

 Okay, from watching all the Gundam I've seen so far, I have been thinking
this over a lot. The Subject doesn't exactly describe what I am thinking, so
I will describe what it is I am thinking.

  I know there is tons more reasons for a war starting or just fighting but,
these are just the reasons for wars I have come up with from watching Gundam.
These are all my personal thoughts.

  Reasons for Wars/Fighting:

 1. A nation wants to live in Peace (Sank Kingdom for example. the pacifist
colonies in UC for another), but the powerful, majority ruler won't leave
them alone and doesn't like pacifism. It seems in order for a pacifist Nation
to exist and not be run over, it has to have a military force to defend it,
so that it can continue to exist. See the irony? A pacifist nation must use
violence in order to protect itself from violence.

 I like the idea of a pacifist Nation, but for it to survive, it has to have
a defense force to keep the Nation from being run over and destroyed. Heero
and Noin said something similar to this to Relena.

 2. Two Nations have differing views on a matter and one or both get so fed
up with talking about their problems, that they start a war.

 3. All wars seem "just" or "right" to a certain type of person. A truly
"just" reason for fighting, not really a war, is to protect a pacifist Nation
from those who would destroy it or to protect people who cannot defend

  There will always be Wars:

 I have come to the conclusion, that as long as there are violent people,
there will always be war and fighting as long as humans exist. I think that
there should be a pacifist Nation for people who do not want to fight and for
people who are tired of fighting. Since a Pacifist Nation needs a defense
force, people who are tired of fighting for the wrong reasons, can fight in
this Nations defense force and people who feel that they need to fight, can
fight to protect this Nation.


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