J Hsu (jakusu@hotmail.com)
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 06:42:19 GMT

>How do I tell the difference between the G-Generation and BB Senshi SD
The easiest way to tell, I think, is to look at the number of the kit in the
line. If the number is in the 200 range, then it is the BB Senshi line,
although the recent releases also have the G-Generation logo on the boxes.
If I remember correctly, the dedicated G-Generation line is now up in the
40's. The BB Senshi also are generally more expensive - 500yen and up vs.
400yen for the simpler GGZero line.

If you check out HLJ you should be able to see what I'm talking about. An
excellent example of the BB line is the GP02A for 800yen.

>To anyone that knows, what does musha mean?
Musha literally means "warrior" and refers to samurai, etc in feudal Japan,
and this is why all the Musha SD's have paraphernalia with those

>that the Japanese are fascinated with robots and cute stuff. Is this true?
That certainly seems to be true from my experience. They come out with
deformed/miniature/cute versions of virtually every popular character. This
may be somewhat related, but lately the word "cute" is the catch-all phrase
used by younger people in Japan to describe anything good.
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