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> I would definitely recommend the recent SD releases, especially the BB
> Senshi line starting from the GP01 FB. The BB senshi come molded in more
> colors and look better without paint than the G-Generation line, although
> the G-Generation line offers a bigger variety. The BB Senshi from #198 on
> are all very good, although I don't have any of the musha versions.

How do I tell the difference between the G-Generation and BB Senshi SD kits?
I ask this because there's no one story that has all the SD kits, but I can
find most of the SD musha kits and a good amount of the regular SD kits, from
several online stores and some only show pictures and item numbers, no names.
The G-Generation kits say "G-Generation" on the box, but not all kits say "BB
Senshi" on the box.

How are the G-Generation Zero SD kits? I like how the SD musha kits look,
because they are so outrageous, wild and UNIQUE looking and some have some
pretty neat transformations, weapons and armor.

To anyone that knows, what does musha mean? Is there an ongoing SD and SD
musha manga series? SD seems to be very popular in Japan, since there seems
to be an endless supply of SD Gundam stuff coming out. I like the SD stuff
better and better, the more I browse the different online stores that. Why do
the Japanese like SD so much? Is it because they are cute? I read somewhere
that the Japanese are fascinated with robots and cute stuff. Is this true?


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