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Wed, 19 Apr 2000 04:28:38 GMT

>From: BlazeEagle@aol.com
>Are the SD kits worth buying? The SD look doesn't bother me, but there are
>normal sized plastic kits of most of the mecha that is Super Deformed.
>Another question, what is the purpose of SD mecha and

I would definitely recommend the recent SD releases, especially the BB
Senshi line starting from the GP01 FB. The BB senshi come molded in more
colors and look better without paint than the G-Generation line, although
the G-Generation line offers a bigger variety. The BB Senshi from #198 on
are all very good, although I don't have any of the musha versions.

The Turn Flash SD toy/models are also recommended. These are a little more
expensive, but they are about twice the size of the SD model kits and are
considerably sturdier in order to withstand rough handling by kids. These
also light up, come with breakaway accessories to simulate battle damage,
are molded in the appropriate colors, and are very detailed like the model

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