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> > Both you and Mirai Y mentioned many famous quotes from Gundam, a bit like
> > N Americans going around using Darth Vader, Obi-Wan and Yoda lines. I
> > think it will be fun to make a collection of these quotes, even throught I
> > don't understand Japanese, at least I can try to imagine the poetic
> > quality of these lines. Another one was from Ranba Ral, yet another one
> > was Amuro's "I have done something I can never undo" or something like
> > that.
> >
> > Is there a website with a lot of famous Gundam quotes?
> >
> I know of a couple of sites that collects quotations submitted by fans but I
> have yet to find an all encompassing, searchable, catalogued, character by
> character site. However one of the sites is collecting the material now for
> that purpose.
> I don't know how comprehendable it will be but here are the links: Bare in mind
> that the quotations are listed in the order that they were submitted so there
> is no sensible order to the listings. Also the accuracy varies according to
> each submission. Some people just send in a vague recollection while others
> note the exact situation etc..Bulk of the quotations submited are from the
> first Gundam followed by Z Gundam and Char's Counterattack. However there are
> few from the other series.
> Here are some more memorable quotes:

The previous e-mail sent itself before I completed it...anyway here are some less
common but still memorable ones. Note though that a lot of the lines do lose a lot
of impact when translated into English.

Anavel Gato: 'Solomon yo! Watashi wa kaette kita!' (From 0083)
- Solomon, I have returned.

Kai Shiden: 'Ore datte....Ore Datteeeee!!' (Hooray for non-newtypes)
- I can too...I can too

Gyunei Gus: 'Ore wa Newtype da!' (From CCA)
- I'm a Newtype!

Quattro Bajeena: 'Madada ... Mada owaranyo' (Final episode of Z Gundam)
- Not yet...It's not over yet

Ma Kube:'Ano bin wa ii bin da' (Just before he died)
- That vase was a good vase

Amuro Rei: 'Doi te iro Char!' (From Z Gundam)
- Stay out of the way Char!

Gaia: 'Ore o fumi dai ni shita!' (Jet Stream Attack)
- He used me as a step!

Sleggar Row: 'Kanashii keredo kore senso- nano yo ne'
- It's sad but this is war, you know.

Ranba Ral: 'Ranba Ral, Tatakai no naka de tatakai o wasureta'
- Ranba Ral, forgot the battle in the heat of the battle.

I will post some more if you want it.


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