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> Both you and Mirai Y mentioned many famous quotes from Gundam, a bit like
> N Americans going around using Darth Vader, Obi-Wan and Yoda lines. I
> think it will be fun to make a collection of these quotes, even throught I
> don't understand Japanese, at least I can try to imagine the poetic
> quality of these lines. Another one was from Ranba Ral, yet another one
> was Amuro's "I have done something I can never undo" or something like
> that.
> Is there a website with a lot of famous Gundam quotes?

I know of a couple of sites that collects quotations submitted by fans but I
have yet to find an all encompassing, searchable, catalogued, character by
character site. However one of the sites is collecting the material now for
that purpose.

I don't know how comprehendable it will be but here are the links: Bare in mind
that the quotations are listed in the order that they were submitted so there
is no sensible order to the listings. Also the accuracy varies according to
each submission. Some people just send in a vague recollection while others
note the exact situation etc..Bulk of the quotations submited are from the
first Gundam followed by Z Gundam and Char's Counterattack. However there are
few from the other series.

Here are some more memorable quotes:

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