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> Nightingale wrote:
>> --- wrote:
>>> acknowledge it etc... Char's one is an incomplete
>>> famous quote from the early episodes after his
>>> failure to stop the White Base and Gundam.
>>> 'Mitometaku nai mono dana ...wakasa yue no
>>> ayamachi to iu mono o' which means he does not
>>> really want to accept his own youthful exuberance.
>>> ^^^
>> Is that Char's or Amuro's exuberance? (If
>> Nightingale was correct about the source of the
>> quote) I can now confirm what Tet said was right.
>> I've a...
> No no, I didn't mean that. I meant to ask if Char
> did say those words but was referring to Amuro's
> exuberance.

Char did say those words. That was AFTER the Pupua
supply ship was destroyed and Gadem the ship
captain/Old Zaku pilot was killed. Char was lementing
his youthful exuberance and try to regain his cool for
the next move (i.e. atmospheric reentry and meet up
with Garma).


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