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> Tomonaga wrote:
>> Char's Zaku 'Mitometaku nai mono dana...' - I do
>> not want to accept it, or I do not want to
>> acknowledge it etc... Char's one is an incomplete
>> famous quote from the early episodes after his
>> failure to stop the White Base and Gundam.
>> 'Mitometaku nai mono dana ...wakasa yue no ayamachi

>> to iu mono o' which means he does not really want
>> accept his own youthful exuberance.
> ^^^
> Is that Char's or Amuro's exuberance? (If
> Nightingale was correct about the source of the
> quote)

I can now confirm what Tet said was right. I've a
close examination of both 'Gundam Hanko Bazooka' stamp
at a shop today (Gundam & Char's Zaku). Gundam will
voice out is 'Ochiro! Orchiro! Ochiro!' and Char's
Zaku will say 'Mitometaku nai mono dana ...'

I wish the one who say 'Ochiro!' is Char not Amuro,
but than again if he did, I wish the MS should be Type
100, not Char's Zaku. Char was too good to say
something so desperate in 0079, but not so in Z Gundam


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