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>> In any case, when the CIA Worldfact Books talks about "Philipino" (talk
>> about bending over backwards to cover both variants) it's talking about
>the > new and improved Tagalog.
>"Philipino" is not a term used by Filipinos themselves. It is one made up by
>Americans in a recent attempt to derive it from the Anglicized name of the
>country "Philippines" and not the proper term (I've checked this in
>dictionaries). The proper spelling is "Filipino". The term is derived from
>the original Spanish name of the country - "Filipinas". The "Filipino" term
>was used mainly by government officials (who originally spoke Spanish)
>learning how to speak English under the American Colonial Government here
>from 1910 onwards. It became the de facto standard ever since in describing
>our nationality and recently our national language.

To get even deeper, Filipino as the language was actually mainly Tagalog,
which is the dialect for the plainslands of middle Luzon, the island which
is the political center of the Philippines. There are insertions of
various other dialects and languages into it, but in the end, it is still
basically Tagalog, which has caused quite a bit of dispute between the
various regions.

This regional preference extends to the Filipino national costume. oh well.

Personally, it's a bad compromise for a national language, but hey, it's
what I grew up with, so I use it.

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