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> Tagalog is a language, while Filipino is an ethnicity. Tagalog was
> recently renamed Pilipino, but the Filipinos (or, more correctly, the
> Pinoy) have the same problem with F and P that the Japanese have with R
and L.
> Tagalog, like Swahili, is a pidgin trade language named for the
> Austronesian folk of central Luzon with whom it was first associated by
> Westerners. Most of the Filipinos with whom I worked in 1980 spoke three

> languages: their local dialect (usually Pamapanga or Ilocano), Tagalog
> English. One of the reasons for renaming it Pilipino was to distinguish
> from the Tagalog people and their dialects, which are as different as,
> Swahili is from Bantu.

aside from that, the Visayans, or those living in the Visayas Islands (those
hundred or so islands in the middle of the Philippines) won't accept Tagalog
as a national language. they want their own dialect, Bisaya, to be
recognized as the national language. Pilipino was then made to accomodate
certain words from all the dialects to form the national language, but in
the end used about 60% or more of Tagalog. and the second majority is
English instead of another popular dialect which is Bisaya.

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