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To Phil and a bunch of random replies

Phil_Abramowitz wrote:
> [top listed in Yahoo...]

How can one get his/er site listed on Yahoo as "web site" (there are 15
Gundam "sites") instead of a "web page" (there are 7291 Gundam "pages")
anyway? I kind of like that NA is the only Gundam site that doesn't have
the word Gundam in the name, but when it comes to search engines it really
hurts. I don't even know is NA if listed within those 7200+ matches (gave
up looking after 200).

> Lets see if the interest is still there after the 2nd or 3rd rerun of the
> show. I can't believe that they're showing the whole show in 10 straight
> weeks. Sure it's great for the fans, but people will lose interest if the
> only Gundam on TV is reruns. Showing one episode a week would keep fan
> interest for a much longer time. Will fans really want model kits in 3-4
> months?

Hopefully when the horde (^_^) of fans finish the Wing models they will
will be addicted to models of other Gundam series. If America discovers
MG models, then 0079 TV series will be broadcasted for sure.

I think 5 ep per week is the smart move. Gundam takes some concentration
to understand. If it's popular enough, it can go into perpetual

Fed mentioned about 1/60 Wing Gundam kit. I already have a few people
asking for it, cuz there's a review on the site. wrote:
> I hate my Toys R Us. They have nothing, and have had nothing forever. There
> the worst when it comes to anime based toys. I remember when the Dragonball Z
> (crappy) action figures came out it took them months to get restocked after a
> having a measly few to begin with.

Such is the lot of American model fans. For American scifi or military
models, you get crappy kits (ERTL/MPC, Revell), for Japanese anime models,
you get crappy distributors.

Forgot who provided:

This does do it very nicely :) Thanks! Does anyone know if this is a
straight dub of the Japanese ad?

Droolll I gotta get me some of them Wing kits :)~~

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