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>On Mon, 17 Apr 2000, Char Aznable wrote:
>> > Are the tapes available to buy? I can still understand Tagalog so I
>> > might ask my cousin to pick them up.
>> unforunately they don't make copies here of whatever they have aired on TV
>> (with the exception of Voltes V which got the VHS and VCD treatment
after 20
>> years)
>What's the difference between Tagalog and Filipino? BTW CIA Worldfact
>book spell it as Philipino, and both my dictionary and Atlas of Languages
>are no help, they both list Tagalog, but not Filipino.

Tagalog is a language, while Filipino is an ethnicity. Tagalog was
recently renamed Pilipino, but the Filipinos (or, more correctly, the
Pinoy) have the same problem with F and P that the Japanese have with R and L.

Tagalog, like Swahili, is a pidgin trade language named for the
Austronesian folk of central Luzon with whom it was first associated by
Westerners. Most of the Filipinos with whom I worked in 1980 spoke three
languages: their local dialect (usually Pamapanga or Ilocano), Tagalog and
English. One of the reasons for renaming it Pilipino was to distinguish it
from the Tagalog people and their dialects, which are as different as, say,
Swahili is from Bantu.

In any case, when the CIA Worldfact Books talks about "Philipino" (talk
about bending over backwards to cover both variants) it's talking about the
new and improved Tagalog.


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