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> What's the difference between Tagalog and Filipino? BTW CIA Worldfact
> book spell it as Philipino, and both my dictionary and Atlas of Languages
> are no help, they both list Tagalog, but not Filipino.

actually it's the same, but Tagalog is more of a dialect spoken in most
parts of the main island of Luzon, mostly the southern part and a little of
the central part. about 10 years or so back, they decided to call the
official language of the Philippines, Pilipino (locally). but in english
context it is referred to as Filipino, although it gets confusing sometimes
because citizens of the Philippines are called Filipino as well. making
Pilipino or Filipino a language means merging the hundreds of dialects
spoken throughout the Philippines, although about 60% of the language is the
dialect Tagalog. another major part of the Filipino language some English
words, but reworded to spell more Filipino but sound still the same except
for the Filipino accent (like doctor and doktor).

heheheh, I was really listening to my Filipino class before, coz the teacher
was really nice to us and pleasant to listen too.

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