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> Why don't you guys recommend some of the better kits out there? Like an
> model for instance or an HGUC kit like the Hyaku-Shiki? I mean, there are
> tons of other kits to choose from that are waaaaay better than the Wing
> kits... It might spur interest for UC Gundam as well...

of course most of the people searching for these kits are those who buy
because it's on TV. interest in UC series will increase if it's shown on

> Hehe... :) I wonder how those fans would react if they knew that a 1/60
> existed of the Wing...

1/60 DX toy of the Wing and 1/60 model kit of the Wing Zero

> Oh yeah, I read someone's post here about the tallgeese. Are they selling
> Endless Waltz kits on Toys'R'Us. Are they marketing the Endless Waltz
> already?

I think we're lucky to be in the Philippines, Fed. we get the kits
relatively cheaper and we get more variations regardless of what's on air.
long live Special Toys Center! =)

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