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> Lets see if the interest is still there after the 2nd or 3rd rerun of the
> show. I can't believe that they're showing the whole show in 10 straight
> weeks. Sure it's great for the fans, but people will lose interest if
> only Gundam on TV is reruns. Showing one episode a week would keep fan
> interest for a much longer time. Will fans really want model kits in 3-4
> months?

funny you ask that question coz the same thing happened here in the
Philippines. the interest in model kits were at its height in the first
rerun because a lot missed much of the first airing, although the series
wasn't as hyped and publicized here as it was in the US. but kits were hard
to come by for the next 4-5 months and in the middle of the second run some
shops decided to import kits directly from Hong Kong or Japan instead of
waiting for the distributor and these kits would be gone from the display
case in a maximum of 3 days, sometimes in just hours.

now there's enough kits out here and not much interest in those kits except
for die hards and modellers.

G Gundam aired after Gundam Wing and the same thing happened. from around
October 'til past Christmas, you'd be lucky to find G Gundam kits anywhere

so to those who really want kits, if you can, just wait. if can't wait,
well, you can always go international, but I doubt online services like HLJ
would have stocks. they probably have dozens on backorder and their next
shippment is already probably sold out.

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