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>> Tomonaga wrote:
>> > It's a very common phrase among the Universary Century pilots...
>> > 'Ochiro!' for mobile suits, aircraft/small spacecraft
>> > 'Shizume!' for big ships
>> Do real life Japanese soldiers and pilots use these phrases? If you
>> believe Top Gun, Aliens and other military/fantasy films, American pilots
>> likes to mutter wisecracks in air.
>I doubt it. Besides when was the last time they would have had a chance to
>say something like that...you probably get reprimanded if you fool around in
>a simulator or in a training flight.
>I would think that it is highly unlikely for any real pilot (in particular)
>to say anything really personal/emotional before a real kill. Especially
>when you consider that being cool, focussed, unemotional and generally 'ice
>cold' gives you a great advantage. Also, as a result most people in this line
>of business tend to have a really serious personality to begin with, and
>wisecracking hot dogs are very few in between. And even most hotdogs will get
>deadly serious under real fire.

If you've ever heard any in-flight recordings from Desert Storm, you know
that everything is strictly business right up until the target goes boom,
at which point you get everything from Texas-style "Yee-HAW!" to just plain

You have to remember, as do the commanders, that these are young men full
of adrenaline. When one of these guys scores a touchdown -- the military
is big on sports analogies, just as sports is big on military analogies --
they are permitted to express themselves accordingly, within reason.

The two most common cockpit self-congratulations are "Ye-ES!" and "Damn,
I'm good!"

On the flip side of the coin, the most common last words of any pilot,
military or civilian, just before the crunch are "Oh, sh*t"....

>The phrases seem perfectly suitable for general mobile suit combat but I
>think it would have to involve specific equipment and situation for it to be
>suitable using real military hardware. And even then you would probably only
>say it because you were influenced by the media. Life imitating art and all

It usually goes something like this: "Bogey at two ... coming in range ...
break left ... arm three ... target lock ... missile away ... ye-ES! Going
home, going home, hot damn, I'm going home...."

By which you may rest assured that the other guy isn't.


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