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> Ever since the Wing model commercial aired, I have been getting on
> an email a day asking if I could tell them where to find Wing kits. I am
> sure Mark and other webmasters are getting even more. Some are saying
> that most places are sold out. Who could have foreseen that? :)
> I have sold a few kits on the net before, but I don't have the heart to
> charge people more than the N. American retail average, and that means
> profit is too small to justify my time. If any of you have stocks of
> kits, I will happily refer these Wing fans to you.
> Wing kits must be making a killing on eBay these days.

same thing happened here in the Philippines last year. when GWing aired on
TV, kits were sold out in a matter of weeks. and after that everyone was
waiting for more kits, and when the new stocks arrived the shelves were
clean in less than a week! right now, it's been a year and there's GWing
kits everywhere. I guess is anyone wants those kits would really just have
to wait. otherwise they can always order online from foreign sources (but I
heard even HLJ is dry of GWing stuff)

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